BETAR™ Vibroacoustic Therapy systems deliver:

  • A sonic energy massage that melts away stress, tension and pain.
  • The ultimate in deep relaxation.
  • The ultimate musical experience.
  • A pathway to an emotional release or response.
  • A pathway to an esoteric experience.

Here's what people have said about each of these aspects of the BETAR Vibroacoustic experience:

An Effective Sonic Energy Massage

"In a sea of sound that was all around me and through me."

"During the session my hands and feet began to tingle."

"Less back, neck and shoulder tension."

"I enjoyed the physical vibrations produced in the extreme high and low notes."

"Was aware of the vibrations - very deep."

"My body really responded to the music."

"I felt a lot of tension I had been experiencing dissipating. My head seems to have cleared."

"Entered the experience with tightness in my shoulders. Its completely gone."

"My energy level increased tremendously."

"My body is still vibrating - wonderful!"


The Ultimate in Deep Relaxation

"When it was over I felt completely rested. I can't wait until my next journey."

"I feel centered and more relaxed and am eating healthy foods again."

"I feel totally relaxed and 'spaced out' in another reality."

"Felt deeply relaxed yet 'energized' - like in profound meditation."

"Very relaxed after ride."

"I feel light, relaxed, peaceful, free of stress and yet so energetic."


The Ultimate Musical Experience

"Pop tunes and jazz tunes made me feel like getting up and dancing. It was hard to lie still."

"At one point during the session I felt as if my body were a collection of all the instruments playing the music."

"Music was wonderful - felt like dancing - hard to stay on table."

"I was giddy with the music quality and vibrations."

"At times I felt I was the instrument."

"I felt very much inside the music and closer to the vocal artists and the meanings of the songs.

"I was a stream of music flowing through the universe. A wonderful, wonderful experience."

"Felt like I was inside the music and that it was being projected out from me in all directions."

"I sincerely felt that I was part of the music and felt my body assume the beat."


Emotional Releases and Responses

"I was releasing a great deal of tension and fear."

"I was touched to the core."

"I was very emotional throughout a lot of the experience."

"I feel more peaceful now than I believe I have ever experienced."

"Lots of emotional experiences, spiritual insights."

"Felt joy and comfort."

"I began by releasing sadness."

"All sorts of feelings and emotions surge in and leave. Overall purging and healing effect."

"A profoundly moving experience."

"Felt some sadness at times, also joy, excitement, elation.

"I felt an amazing sense of power and happiness."


Esoteric Experiences

"Experienced the kundalina rise within my chakras with all the harmony I could take in."

"I left my body and floated toward the moon."

"I traveled in harmony to energies and patterns, moving through the galaxies."

"Experienced energy flows - healing of an unpleasant energy concentration."

"It created a portal for the balancing of my energies in a very easy and free-flowing way.

"At times I seemed to be out of my body - floating, spiraling and being free."

"Experienced several past lives - as a ballet dancer and a nun."


More Praise for BETAR Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy

"Just wonderful and I feel totally released."

"Each time is more powerful and rewarding."

"Fantastic experience - and would love to do it again."

"Such a tremendous experience that I find it hard to put down in words."

"I felt much more alive, in harmony and energetic throughout the day."

"Upon coming out I felt like a continuous smile."

"Good feelings, happy, full of energy. I just felt wonderful."



Like all BETAR products, our Vibroacoustic Therapy systems are covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Return them undamaged within 30 days and we will refund your purchase price with no questions asked.


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