Meet Shannon Sausser, BC-MT

Meet Shannon Sausser!

Shannon is a Board-Certified Music Therapist with a Bachelor of Music in Music Therapy and a Master of Arts in Teaching with a focus on Special Education. She has been a practicing Music Therapist and Music Educator for over 10 years, as well as a professional drummer in her band, sursievision.

Her music therapy practice, Music Therapy Services of Athens, provides quality and meaningful therapeutic and intervention sessions that help children, adolescents and adults achieve personal goals, manage stress, alleviate pain, express feelings, enhance memory, improve communication, promote physical rehabilitation and encourage wellness.

Here is what Shannon has to say about her Portable Edition BETAR system:

BETAR combines a revolutionary new technology in the field of sound therapy with music listening to create the ultimate music and relaxation experience.  The portable vibroacoustic system provides my clients with a musical relaxation experience so intense that they felt they could not walk, drive, or even speak immediately afterward. They report feeling the music like never before; the timbres of each instrument create a sensation that is felt in different parts of the body.

Let's take a closer look at her Portable Edition system!

Light Vibroacoustic Array

Here you can see the eight speaker light focused array, which is comprised of six 4" speakers located under the midline of the body, plus two 5" speakers located under the legs. All speakers are 50 watts.

Portable Edition - end view

The very first Portable Edition system was built on the Oakworks ONE table.

All Portable Edition systems now utilize a 29" wide Oakworks Nova table that has been factory-customized for BETAR USA to deliver heavy-duty performance. Select from your choice of 21 upholstery colors from the Oakworks collection of PVC-free Earth-friendly TerraTouch™ fabrics, as well as one of four height adjustment ranges:

  • 18" - 26" (45cm - 66cm)
  • 22" - 30" (55cm - 76cm)
  • 24" - 34" (60cm - 86cm)
  • 26" - 36" (66cm - 91cm)

Click here to visit the Nova page at the Oakworks website.

Deluxe 10 Amp - front

The BETAR Deluxe 10 Amplifier is a snap to use!

  • It is easy to connect a CD player, laptop or mp3 player to the "A" input channel through the "IN" jack seen in the lower left corner of the amp.
  • Main power is turned on with the red switch.
  • Add all seven soothing BETAR Tones to the ride by turning on the green switch.
  • The "MIXER" knob allows on-the-fly blending of the "A" and "B" input channels for unique rides that combine your favorite elements, such as classical music and ocean waves.
  • The "VOLUME" knob controls the output to the focused array. A separate control knob mounted on the table allows headphone volume to be set independently.

Note that the amplifier is mounted inside a heavy-duty carrying case by Gator, with an easily-detachable front and rear covers for access to controls and connections.

Gator Amp Case

Here is the heavy-duty portable amp case by Gator with front and rear covers attached and the travel handle pulled out. The case features built-in wheels that allow the whole amplifier to be rolled like a suitcase where ever you need to take it.

Portable Edition - Table Bottom

Getting ready to fold up the table reveals the focused speaker array and the same dual-spin coil antenna that is used in every Mini Mood-O-Matic device (green square between the second and third speakers).

Table Folded

When folded up the table is approximately 30" by 37" (76cm by 94cm).

Portable Edition packed for transport

With the amplifier secure in the Gator case and the table fully packed in the Oakworks soft case, the Portable Edition system is ready to hit the road or easy to be stored out of the way. Because the BETAR-equipped table weighs approximately 50 pounds (23 kg), the Oakworks table cart is also a necessity if this system will be moved frequently.

Shannon noted that selection of all three pieces of optional equipment will ensure that the BETAR system and the transport vehicle are totally protected from torn upholstery or other damage.

To contact Shannon:

Music Therapy Services of Athens
Shannon Sausser, MT-BC, MAT
Board Certified Music Therapist
facebook/Music Therapy Services of Athens




Like all BETAR products, our Vibroacoustic Therapy systems are covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Return them undamaged within 30 days and we will refund your purchase price with no questions asked.


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