Providing BETAR Mood-O-Matic™ Mood Tone Generators for 30 years. Designed by inventor Peter J. Kelly, the first pocket-sized RELAX Mood Tone emitter – the “ELF I” was the output of his collaboration with Extreme Low Frequency (ELF) expert Dr. Andrija Puharich. Released in 1986, the emitter was groundbreaking for its use of a dual-spin coil antenna to create the low frequency sound waves that resonate the user’s physical and energetic bodies. Since then thousands of satisfied customers around the world have enjoyed relaxation with the flip of a switch.

BETAR™ Focused Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy Systems for the stimulation of energy. BETAR sound therapy systems were originally designed to resonate the body's natural energy centers using ELF Tones delivered from a focused speaker array. Like slipping keys into locks, the BETAR Tones would use the combination of sonic and magnetic energy delivered by the speaker array to achieve a state of harmonic resonance with the rider, allowing him or her to be “opened” gently and peacefully. The ability to deliver a great vibroacoustic music experience was an added bonus. Since the late 1980's BETAR systems of all sizes have been installed in homes, offices, resorts and healing centers around the world.

BETAR USA has built a reputation of excellence through 25 years of service. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee ensures every client has a positive experience.

Invest in contentment with BETAR Mood-O-Matic and Vibroacoustic!


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